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Experience the excitement of a silent disco at your next event! With up to 250 headphones and the ability to switch between 3 different channels, you and your guests can dance and sing along to your favorite tunes without disturbing the surrounding area. This popular party trend is perfect for events with an amplified sound curfew, allowing you to extend the fun into the night.


Our professional DJ service can incorporate a silent disco into your event seamlessly. Whether you're hosting a party at a park, shopping center, school, or any venue where loud amplified music is not typically allowed, we can help make your event a hit. With headphones, your guests can choose which DJ or music source to listen to, ensuring that everyone enjoys the party their way.


Don't miss out on the fun of a silent disco. Contact us today to learn more and estimate how many headphones you'll need for your guest count. We guarantee that at least two-thirds of your guests will want to join in on the excitement!

Silent Disco
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