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DJ Gavin Roy is a highly sought-after party rocker known for his ability to seamlessly blend music of all genres, captivating audiences worldwide. With a deep passion for great music, Gavin stands out as one of the most talented DJs in the industry. His exceptional skills in cutting, scratching, mixing, sampling, and blending music of any style or genre have earned him respect from fans and peers alike.


Gavin's talent extends beyond the DJ booth. Inspired by his love for the art of DJing, he launched the Santa Barbara DJ Academy, a school for aspiring music students. Additionally, he gives back to the community by spinning at charitable events supporting causes such as AIDS research, cancer awareness, child foster care programs, and projects for individuals with disabilities.


What sets Gavin apart is his ability to keep audiences hooked by delivering exactly what they want while surprising them with unexpected songs, samples, mashups, and remixes. His diverse repertoire and ever-evolving style make him a well-rounded artist. Gavin further showcases his passion for music by creating Gavin Roy Presents, a talent agency and production company that brings together local club DJs and bands for exclusive private events.


Beyond his accomplishments, Gavin's dedication to his art is evident through his various endeavors, including producing mixtapes, appearing on radio shows, video DJing, and supporting prominent causes. With an unwavering drive to push boundaries, Gavin's future holds even more extraordinary performances and experiences for music enthusiasts.


While widely recognized as an energetic, beat-blasting DJ in clubs, Gavin's focus has expanded to larger dance floors. Through his self-managed company, Gavin Roy Presents, he applies his finely honed skills to every aspect of event production, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and maintaining his high standards.


DJ Gavin Roy embodies passion, versatility, and philanthropy, constantly pushing the boundaries of his craft. Get ready to be moved by his extraordinary performances as he continues to follow his love for music and captivate dance floors worldwide.

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