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Weddings are our specialty, our favorite event to put together. Why? Because no two couples are alike, and no two weddings are the same. We have performed at hundreds of weddings, and we get excited each time we explore a new couple's original style, vision, and taste.

Design your dream wedding and choose the songs that you love, songs that make you move and groove. Set the scene for an unforgettable experience. You want your guests to remember how much fun they had dancing with friends and family, reunited on your special day.

With every moment being a treasure, why not treasure them forever? Our photo-booths give you and your guests the chance to relive your special day, and to have some extra fun. Order one of our Karaoke machines for your rehearsal dinner and let your family share some laughs together.  Remember, this is your day! Enjoy it.


Whatever reason you have to throw a party - be it a Birthday Celebration, Mitzvah, Company party, Fundraiser, Anniversary, Graduation or just a Summer or Winter Party for the heck of it for you and your best friends - music is the foundation of any great celebration.

Get a DJ, Musician, Band, Photo Booth, Karaoke, Dancers, and More! Just good music and fun for your event - that's all. And we love themed events (Costume Parties, Music Era Theme Parties, Music Genre Themed Parties, and More), so let us know if there's anything we can do to spice up your special party!

Confetti Storm


Let's start with the big one - Prom! Several hundred students are counting on you and you're not letting them down. We'll make sure of it. With SB's biggest names in the clubs and radio today - and a killer sound and lighting show - we'll make sure they're talking about this party even at their 20th reunion.

Homecoming? Halloween? Graduation? Spring or Winter Formals? Yes, just another annual excuse for a good party. But one thing separates them all and that's style and theme. We can help you plan a rave, formal, date party or costume party - whatever you can imagine. And we've got the hottest dance light show around - with as many cool and corny lighting effects as you like - lasers, foggers, strobes, blacklight, disco balls - you name it, we've got it.

Many local high schools and universities swear by Gavin Roy Presents year after year as their entertainment resource for their events. You'll find out why soon enough.

Laughing During a Meeting


Been given the daunting task of putting together a company event in a hurry? No worries - we're here to help you plan the party with great music and activities that will have your boss and collegues praising you the Monday after.

We'd like to get a good idea of your staff and what makes them tick. Are they serious partiers? Sophisticated minglers? We're here to custom design an event to match your company's corporate culture with the perfect DJ. If you're looking for an outgoing energetic entertainer to get that party going, we've got the DJ for you. If you'd prefer a low-key performer, we can provide that as well. We promise a perfect match.

Many local Santa Barbara businesses come to us year after year as their entertainment resource - and year after year, although we've tried to offer new options for entertainers, they've always asked for their same DJ back. It's like a match made in heaven :). Also, since SB is such a neighborly town, lots of local service industry businesses offer us trade as partial payment - a most likely considered and accepted form of payment.

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